The beginning

House 026WE DID IT!!!


house-for-sale-signSo alas, the time has come… we got married almost a year ago, lived in our nice apartment and now it is time! HOUSE HUNTING! So starts the fun process of researching and, you got it…. SHOPPING!!! The one pastime I will always enjoy, looking for a bargain, the best deal! 

Notes thus far:


  • Found a mortgage broker, call to get pre-approved 
  • -FHA loans can be just 3.5% down,no PMI, but FHA insurance (tax deductable)
  • -google mortgage calculator is fun
  • -towns we are looking at: West Hartford, Glastonbury, South Windsor, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Cromwell, Avon (far but great school district)…
  • -don’t sign anything unless you have had a house inspection (by a professional and my trusted relative in a trade), is you can’t do a signature pending inspection walk away
  • -looking for comfort & good school district=good resale value
  • -resale on 3 BR & at least 2 baths=higher
  • -William Raveis=good site
  • -referral to LOCAL realtor 
  • School District Ratings: ( (of 194 all)

    • West Hartford=88
    • Berlin=83
    • South Windsor=81
    • Wethersfield=90
    • rocky Hill=97
    • Glastonbury=47
    • Middletown=156
    • Manchester=149
    • Avon=26
    • Danbury=167
    • New Milford=138
    • Brookfield=30
    • Cromwell=117


    well, I’ve said I’ve been against putting your deepest thoughts on the internet, but it seems that paper is going by the wayside and the world of technology is rearing it’s ugly head! 


    What a day this was! Mostly a day of mixed emotions, from tackling faith to family, from self-confidence to facing the choices for the future-it has been one hell of a day! 

    I find myself asking…

    When exactly do you become connected to your faith? Where does one draw the line between wearing your faith in the form of a look at my “I ❤ Jesus” T-shirt and how many verses I can recite  to actually living your faith and allowing your love for God be your guide in the decisions you make along the journey of your life? Isn’t it your personal relationship with God that makes one truly connected with Him/your faith, rather than the “look at me I’m christian attitude”?  Aren’t we supposed to ‘hide God’s Word in our hearts and let it be the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path’?  Let your faith shine and spread the Word of God and the joys of  christianity by sharing it with others through its radiation from within you- through your walk with God and your then evident relationship with Him. Maybe it will lead one to ask themselves, “What is it about that person that makes her different? What in my life needs to be different?” It is then that their hearts are curious, softened to His Word, it is then you can discuss true glory and God’s role in their lives. (Can I get an Amen?)

    at a wedding
    Family is the future

    Or so it may seem to me, a little sooner than some, but the seed of thought has been planted and is slowly evolving into being. I love married life! It is so amazing to share everything with the most wonderful person, who also happens to be your best friend. Laughing each other to sleep after a tickle fight after coughing from laughing so hard, always singing, and being the support through life’s everyday challenges, but it’s even better when you’re in the relationship as a team, facing every one of life’s challenges together!  Who out there is blessed enough to have a husband who cooks, helps in cleaning everything, does and folds laundry with you, and considers all household responsibilities a ‘team effort’? A man who is an emotional support, shares faith, loves and respects, and laughs with you? That to me, is blessed!  ——Thank you, my wonderful husband, I appreciate everything you do so very much! You mean the world to me, sharing our lives together, laughing together, communicating openly, supporting each other, and so much more! I love you.

    Well, it does take two to ‘tango’ (for lack of a better cliche), and until then, family planning can only go that far. It isn’t until both parties give the go that it can’t move to the ‘production phase’. So …..we…..wait…..

    Goal for tomorrow: Live for today  (yes I do see the irony)

    and as always….Live, Love, Laugh, Create, & Inspire!