I humble myself as best I can
I try and I fail as I am only a man
When times get tough, I try to look up
But my faith is not strong enough
I scream, “you will help me Lord,” but do I really believe it?
Or do I embrace the inevitable and just receive it?
How can I give everything to something not even there?
Just throw all doubt and worry up in the air
How do I believe what I cannot see?
Or is that exactly what faith expects of me
Sometimes I feel it; the conviction is strong
I don’t want to conceal it; and then abruptly it’s gone
Sometimes I feel alone; cold and lonely
Sometimes I feel you are there to hold me
I get so confused, are you there, just prove it
But you don’t, and dejected i lose it
I want to believe; I swear I do
But it’s hard with all the darkness surrounding you
The truth is what I need to find
Will I ever cross it, or will I remain blind?
I have to choose soon; it might be now or never
Keep living this way and I’ll regret it forever

~Author withheld 

This poem is truly an inspiration and thought provoking. One of my religion teachers, a nun, Sister Barbara, once said, “who are you if you don’t question your faith?” It through questioning our faith and a deeper exploration of one’s religion that brings us closer  and strengthens our relationship with God.  It is like in a relationship or marriage; each argument and challenge you face together strengthens your relationship because you learn to communicate, forgive, understand, support, accept, learn more about each other, and make sacrifices. It is through this that your relationship with each other grows stronger.