I got this in as an e-mail and really love the message. Just another 
reason why I don’t use the word ‘hate’…
Once a Junior School teacher asked her students to bring some potatoes 
in a plastic bag to school. Each potato will be given a name of the
person whom that child hates.  Like this, the number of potatoes will
be equal to the number of persons they hate. On a decided day the
children brought their potatoes well addressed.  Some  had two, some
had three and some had even five potatoes. The teacher said they have
to carry these potatoes with them everywhere  they go for a week.  
As the days passed the children started to complain  about  the spoiled 
smell that started coming from these potatoes. Also  some students who 
had many potatoes complained that it was very heavy to  carry  them all 
around. The children got rid of this assignment after a week.
The  teacher  asked,  "How  did  you  feel  in this one week?" The
children discussed their problems about the smell and weight. Then the
teacher said, "This  situation  is  very similar to what you carry in
your heart when you don't  like  some  people.  This  hatred makes
your heart unhealthy and you carry  that hatred in your heart
everywhere you go. If you can not bear the smell  of  spoiled
potatoes  for a week, imagine the impact of this hatred that you carry
through out your life, on your heart?"
*Our heart is beautiful and its beauty should overflow onto those around us.
*Forgive those who have not behaved as you expect and forget the bad things. 
*Hate is such an evil word, spread love, smiles, laughter, happiness, and cheer, then the smell of rotten emotions will not plague you or your life.

Check it out:

Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled by Reverend Joseph Adam Pearson PhD


In Honor of Earth Day 2009

Brian and I invite you all to join us in maintaining our beautiful earth God has given us! 

We are going to go around our street and the surrounding streets with cloth, reusable gloves and clean up garbage to keep the earth beautiful for this generation and future generations to come!

Please, if you can, spend this week cleaning up, meditate on what you can do to be more eco-friendly, and hopefully it will have an impact on you so that every time you take a walk or every time you see a piece of trash you will take the 1.85 seconds it takes to pick up a piece of trash and…



Blue Earth – World’s First Solar-Powered Touch Screen Cell Phone



Posted Feb 20th 2009 2:58PM


Blue EarthMichael Fowlkes – AOL Shopping

For most of us, cell phones have become a way of life. More and more people are dropping their home lines altogether and going purely with cell phones, but the massive amounts of cell phones floating around raises some serious environmental problems. Samsung is looking to change things up a bit with its newest cell phone concept, the solar powered “Blue Earth”.

Samsung started displaying its touch screen Blue Earth phone earlier this week at a trade show in Barcelona, Spain, and it is capturing the attention of cell phone lovers and environmentalists alike. According to the company, the phone will be able to generate enough power on its own to make a call anytime, so you will never have to worry about running frantically around looking for a place to get a quick charge.

While Samsung’s Blue Earth is the first solar powered cell phone to hit the market, the eco-friendly attributes do not stop there.

For many environmentalists, two of the worst words in our vocabulary are “water bottles“. It is amazing the damage that discarded water bottles are having on our environment and our landfills, and this environmental concern has not gone unnoticed by Samsung. Blue Earth phones will be manufactured using recycled water bottles to make the phone’s outer casing. In addition to using recycled water bottles, the phones will also be shipped to you in recycled packages.

While many of us can’t get enough of our cell phones, we spend little time thinking about all the harmful substances that companies are using to manufacture these phones. With the Blue Earth, Samsung is looking to change that, and these phones will be manufactured without Brominated Flame Retardant, Beryllium and Phthalate.

Blue EarthThe Blue Earth also offers users an “Eco Mode,” allowing a more energy-efficient way to control display brightness, backlight duration, and bluetooth options.

Also built into this new phone will be “Eco Walk” which will use a pedometer to count how many steps you take when you talk, and show you how many trees you have saved by walking instead of driving to your destination.

While the Blue Earth phone has solar panels covering the back of the case, it still needs 14 hours of sunlight to get a full charge, so practically speaking, you will probably still need to plug this phone into a charger now and then. Realizing this, Samsung has even made this a more eco-friendly experience than typical, by giving the Blue Earth phone a 5 star energy efficient charger that operates on less than 0.03 watts.

All in all, this phone offers a lot, and other major cell phone manufacturers are sure to follow the lead that has been set by Samsung. Blue Earth phones are not currently available on the market but you can expect to see some hitting stores later this year.

You can visit Samsung’s website to see a video they have posted discussing the Blue Earth and its eco-impact. In addition, Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE plans to sell its Coral-200, a solar powered phone for $40.

If only everyone could just put aside differences and love each other, it really would be a wonderful world….