When shopping we avoid:

  • sodium laureth sulfate
  • parabens
  • petrolatum
  • aluminum (deodorants)
  • corn syrup of any kind
  • artificial flavors and sweetener
  • gelatin
  • rennet 
  • any animal products
  • meat stocks
  • ASPERTAME/ splenda
  • prepackaged things that are a waste and strain on the environment
  • plastic containers (toxins & leaching–we actually converted to ALL glass containers now)
  • things that have a FOREVER shelf life and some preservatives
  • things you cook by microwaving
  • limiting soy intake for estrogen purposes
  • high sodium
  • high fat
  • high calories
  • high sugars
  • we try to avoid non organic products
  • things we don’t have in our cupboards/can’t say/ never heard of
  • and so much more….

ALSO: as stated in “In Defense of Food” —shop the perimeters of the store!! Refrigerated and fresh foods! 


here is a list of known human carcinogens  and possible cancer causing agents……