fairy tales

Who nibbles the moon?
Who takes a bite,
out of its roundness
night by night
Until nothing is left but a crust
and then,
Who Bakes the moon all over again?
And hangs it up
All round and bright
Ready for someone
to nibble and bite!
nce upon a time, there was a little girl who loved life’s innocent pleasures; barbies, cartoons, ice cream, the beach, laying on the grass watching at the clouds, playing dress-up, and baby dolls—always wanting to be a little mommy. Years went by and she never completely lost the desire for such things, but growing up posed challenges and the close relationships with those things grew further and further out of reach, but one still remained strong-always a little mommy.
    She never had any siblings to satiate her desire to nurture another, a child, a friend. Gravity and fate, took over, and with every turn she was drawn to children… baby-sitting, after school care, kid wrangler at parties, Nanny, and finally, a teacher, but something was missing. She found the love of her life at an early age, her other half, that made her happy. They smiled and laughed, held hands, talked, supported each other–it was true love. He was the axis in which her universe encircled, the ying to her yang, her everything. They got married on what has always been one of her innocent pleasures, the beach, the sound of the ocean, a symbol of eternity. Complete. Happy. Ecstasy. 
    But what is it, what’s missing, she felt complete, but not whole; what more could she ask for? She had everything; love, bliss, ice cream, cartoons, a job as a teacher, and ‘the beach’. Yet their was something she just could not shake, a tugging feeling, a pull on her heart— always a little mommy.  The future is clear, the purpose of her life no longer a blur… family. The essence she never fully had, the components-yes, but the experience, the unit-no. The means of making her whole. She is complete in love, and with a family and children made with the axis of her universe and the light of her heart, together, make her whole. Whole to the life of God’s purpose, always a mommy
                     to live happily ever after…