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our little girl posing 20 weeks

Who nibbles the moon?
Who takes a bite,
out of its roundness
night by night
Until nothing is left but a crust
and then,
Who Bakes the moon all over again?
And hangs it up
All round and bright
Ready for someone
to nibble and bite!

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Melissa Joan Hart graces the cover of PEOPLE magazine this week in a bikini showing off a leaner, stronger physique than her beach body last year. 

The former “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” star was “horrified” by beach pictures that circled the Internet last summer, which bloggers were quick to attack. Like many people, seeing photos of herself in a bathing suit was a wake-up call that she needed to focus on fitness. 

The weight was left over after giving birth to her sons Mason, 3, and 14-month-old Braydon. Melissa is honest about the fact that it took hard work and more than a year to go from 155 pounds down to her current weight of 113. “It didn’t happen by magic – it was as hard for me as it would be for anyone else,” she tells PEOPLE. 

She was inspired by her mother as well as her friend and fellow actressJaime Pressly who slimmed down quickly after giving birth. “I realized I didn’t have to be heavy just because I have kids.”

Melissa’s story is not unique, but a reminder that even with young kids at home it is important to find the time to take care of yourself and your body. “I feel amazing!” she says. “I had to prove to myself that I could do it. I had to give it a go!” 


This frankly makes me SICK!!! I cannot believe that this is the focus
of the COVER of this magazine. This is great, just the idea that we
need to give to young girls and women....that you are horrid, ugly,
and unacceptable if you are a LITTLE bit overweight. 155!!! I weigh
more than that by 5 pounds, have yet to have a child,  and am
struggling with self acceptance everyday! The media pumps girls and
women full of garbage just like this saying that you are not
beautiful unless you weigh 105-120 lbs! Well you know what---that is
horrbile! We need to convey that true beauty is in the inside! It is
who you are as a person. You need to be within the healthy BMI for
otpimal body health but that is it! As long as it isn't affecting
your health. These are the pictures that are plastered all over
magazines, TV, movies, and billboards----guys are starting to use
this as what a women's body should look like, obesity is on the rise
in this country (sadly) and THIS is not the norm! We need to get
people to care about physical HEALTH rather than physical
APPEARANCE!! Getting women to love themselves for who they are DOES
NOT start with all this crap!! 
“Melissa’s story is not unique, but a reminder that even with young kids
at home it is important to find the time to take care of yourself and 
your body.”      really?? is that the message this article is sending to 
young girls? I’m sorry but it looked to be that it is saying (subliminally)
“being fat is repulsive, look at that ugly picture os her fat body, you should
be like this in a bikini to be beautiful—look at THIS body!!”
THIS MAKES ME WANT TO CRY (and this isn’t even the worst of them, this is
just the straw that broke the camel’s back and make me feel the need to
blog about it!


Here is an article about US toy manufacturers being regulated by the “green movement”, sorta. 

25 things vanishing in America, part 2: **Known** toxins in children’s products

Buh-bye, Dora the Explorer and your fairy princess castle. So long, Skarloey the train. Catch you later, phthalates in baby bottles. There’s a new sheriff in town. Make that the CPSIA-riff.  

As retail stores and toy manufacturers everywhere pick up their XRF guns and get to work testing for lead in every. single. last. product, and baby bottles and sports bottles are pulled off the shelves thanks to plastics, Americans are finally coming to terms with the toxins federal agencies have long hemmed and hawed over. Today is a new day, and in this day, lead is not just a no-no, but is carefully screened in every product sold.

As of February 10th of this year, penalties go into effect for any retailer or manufacturer knowingly selling toys or any other children’s products (including clothing, books and bikes) containing levels of lead or phthalates above government standards — 600 ppm total for lead and 0.1% of total for phthalates . These cannot be sold, either new or by resale shops, thrift stores, or even garage sales. However, testing requirements and certification for most retailers won’t be enforced until January 2010 (leaving the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and its enormous new act, not to mention the retailers who are subject to its requirements, in a strange limbo).

Criminal and civil penalties can be applied for any retailers knowingly selling toxic toys or other children’s items, and manufacturers of new products are required to provide strict certification of their products’ safety, however, so parents have already begun to feel more secure about buying toy castles, trains and baby bottles. It’s a strange new world, with far less brightly-colored paint and Nalgene bottles for your children; and much though the government has stumbled through it, parents are happy to see these toxins vanishing in America.

Ok, so they KNEW about this!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! They knew they were surpassing the level of toxins…AND IT WAS OKAY?! So now the government steps in and says, ‘okay guys, you and I both know this is bad for the kids…we have let you put known toxins in children’s toys for long enough now..”   WHAT?!??! 
Oh good (sarcasm), well at least everyone who has purchased any plastic toys in the past for their children can safely feel that they are now “KNOWN-TOXIN” free..just pretend you didn’t know about the ones that they have been in there all along, the toxins they knew about but wanted to make money on so they put them in your children’s toys anway for them to chew on, play with, and use on a daily basis, but now it’s okay, they are doing that anymore…your children are safe (or are they?) 
I just want to say a big Thank you plastics, the US government, and all toy manufactureers everywhere to make my decision even clearer!!!!


(no batteries, plastics, or toxins included!!!) 

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