I got this in as an e-mail and really love the message. Just another 
reason why I don’t use the word ‘hate’…
Once a Junior School teacher asked her students to bring some potatoes 
in a plastic bag to school. Each potato will be given a name of the
person whom that child hates.  Like this, the number of potatoes will
be equal to the number of persons they hate. On a decided day the
children brought their potatoes well addressed.  Some  had two, some
had three and some had even five potatoes. The teacher said they have
to carry these potatoes with them everywhere  they go for a week.  
As the days passed the children started to complain  about  the spoiled 
smell that started coming from these potatoes. Also  some students who 
had many potatoes complained that it was very heavy to  carry  them all 
around. The children got rid of this assignment after a week.
The  teacher  asked,  "How  did  you  feel  in this one week?" The
children discussed their problems about the smell and weight. Then the
teacher said, "This  situation  is  very similar to what you carry in
your heart when you don't  like  some  people.  This  hatred makes
your heart unhealthy and you carry  that hatred in your heart
everywhere you go. If you can not bear the smell  of  spoiled
potatoes  for a week, imagine the impact of this hatred that you carry
through out your life, on your heart?"
*Our heart is beautiful and its beauty should overflow onto those around us.
*Forgive those who have not behaved as you expect and forget the bad things. 
*Hate is such an evil word, spread love, smiles, laughter, happiness, and cheer, then the smell of rotten emotions will not plague you or your life.