Crispy Kale with Olive Oil and Sea Salt


First you start with an entire bunch of kale and only a tablespoon of olive oil. As for the salt, you can use garlic salt or a little sea salt.

You could also choose to adorn your Kale with:

  • red chile flakes
  • sesame seeds
  • shaving of parmesan
  • ground black pepper
  • garlic salt

Crispy Kale with Olive Oil and Sea Salt
from Jacques Pepin’s TV Show “More Fast Food My Way”.

Serves 3-4 as a snack or side dish.

1 bunch kale
1 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
sea salt or garlic salt to taste

pre-heat oven to 250F.

Wash and pull kale leaves off their stems. Wash leaves and spin dry or blot with towel as much a possible–any moisture will keep kale from getting crispy.

Then toss the Kale with olive oil and salt (sea or garlic). The kale will shrink when it cooks; go a little easy on the salt.

Now spread the Kale into one layer, some overlap is okay) on a cooling rack set over a baking sheet (with sides to hold cooling rack in place)

Bake for 20 minutes or until crispy. Some pieces on the edges may get crispy before those in the middle–just pull them off the sheets and put the pan back in the oven for a few minutes to finish.

Serve immediately.

Stored kale will lose its crispy texture.